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Design Thinking is playing an increasingly impactful role in the public and private sector across Asia. We realised that there currently exists no aggregated view of the state of this field, and that the region as a whole would benefit from one. 

Modelled on John Maeda's "Design in Tech" annual report, we want to leverage our network of Design Thinking practitioners from nearly every country in Asia to provide a regular view of the State of Design Thinking in Asia.



release date:

September 2017, at the Design Thinking Asia conference. 

The report will provide:


Provide a comparative benchmark of DESIGN readiness for ASia

The report will include the first release of the Design Readiness Index(DRI), a mechanism designed to reflect the perceived readiness of each country in Asia for Design Thinking, giving insight into the challenges and opportunities each country faces locally.    

reveal salary information across countries, roles and sectors

Learn comparative salaries and compensation trends for roles across Design Thinking, Innovation, Customer Experience, Service Design & User Experience Design across the region. 


Show example of how organisations are building their own design thinking Capability 

See examples and patterns of how large organisations in the region building their own Design Thinking capability, including the techniques, approaches and results they are experiencing.  

give an overview of the Trends & themes touching the design thinking space in asia this year  

Get access to insights, themes and trends around the role of Design Thinking in the region. Learn from leading practitioners across the region what opportunities they see ahead for Design Thinking in Asia. 


provide a regional benchmark for the quality of design education 

Design education is proliferating, both here in Asia and globally. The Design Thinking in Asia 2017 report will assess the quality of curriculum design and delivery of courses for Design education providers in the region, giving a benchmark to students and teachers alike to understand quality and value.  


Ideal for: 


Innovation teams

Customer experience professionals and internal innovation teams. 


Service Designers, User Experience Designers, Interaction Designers, other design professionals and students.


Individuals and firms that place people in Design roles, or consult on capability building. 


INVESTORS & Startups

investors and founders that use Design in their businesses or portfolio approach. 

Agencies & Consultants

Service providers within the Design space, small and large alike.  

Anyone interested in Design Thinking

Casual observers, anyone interested in Design Thinking, or Asia more generally. 

The State of Design Thinking in Asia 2017 report is a community initiative


The report is self-funded by Design Thinking Asia, and the efforts of volunteers. We not only welcome, but need your help to provide as much insight and detail as possible about the state of Design Thinking in your own country. All contributions are credited.  

If you would like to assist in the production of the report, we have roles available for Analysts, Editors, and Visual Designers. We are working on commercialising this report, so some roles may lead to payments for your contributions, but this is yet to be determined.  

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