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Convergence of trends in an incredible complex environment. 

Within this space, Design Thinking is emerging as a leading approach to the complexity and  

How it is applied in this part of the world is fundamentally differing 

In this, the first publication to cover Design Thinking in Asia, Design Entrepreneur and practitioner, Kristin Low, will leverage his experience across the region to provide a glimpse  

Estimated release date: Early 2018. 


The Design Thinker's handbook to one of the most complex and important regions in the world 


This is what it will include. Some very interesting things around stuff. This is what it will include. Some very interesting things around stuff. This is what it will include. Some very interesting things around stuff. 

in this book, Readers will learn:

  • "What is it like to apply Design Thinking in...." A landscape of the predominant challenges and characteristics of applied Design Thinking in Asia. Asia is home to one of the most 
  • Who has pioneered Design Thinking in the region, and what advice would they give? Profiles of prominent practitioners in the region, with lessons and principles learnt through 
  • How are individuals, teams and organisations applying Design Thinking in the region? Patterns, examples and case studies to practically and tactically demonstrate the 
  • Design in the boardroom and beyond. Trends and opportunities within the business landscape of Asia, where Design Thinking will play a central role.  
  • Techniques and approaches for practitioners operating in the region. Dramatically different, the book will include a library of , this is the "missing manual" for practitioners that have been operating in the region, or have 

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About the Author: 

Kristin Low is a Design Entrepreneur who enjoys operating at the nexus of emerging markets and emerging technologies. Kristin has designed, founded, built and sold multiple businesses across Asia, and believes passionately in the power of Design Thinking as a tool to effect massive change. 

Kristin moved to Hong Kong in 2012 to begin applying Design across the region, and within a week of arriving founded the Design Thinking Asia network as a mechanism to identify and develop Design Thinking practitioners, who, in his view are essential to the development of the region socially and economically. Kristin has since had the opportunity to apply Design Thinking, and the associated practices of User Experience Design & Service Design, in nearly every country in Asia. 

Currently a partner at Brinc, one of the world's leading Internet of Things Accelerators, Kristin helps startups, large organisations and governments use Design to make sense of their connected future, ensuring that positive human outcomes are designed, not just engineered.    

Kristin also actively engages in venture building around opportunities that match his thesis around connected services in traditional verticals as being the primary disruptor for economies in Asia.   



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