We develop individuals, teams, and transform entire organisations.


We do this by: 

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bridging the gap between training and change

Our qualified facilitators come from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds, and are expert at bridging the gap between training teams and affecting genuine organisational change. 


Building an organisation's own capability

We take time to identify participants with a strong interest or talent in the Design Thinking space, who can be further developed as an in-house team of facilitators for the organisation to draw from in future. 

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giving organisations the ability to Scale their impact without us

We help scale your team's impact through on-demand access to an evolving and relevant suite of digital courseware, tools and educational material, generated from our community. 





Our courses


Learn the basics

One DAY Introduction

Learn the basic concepts of design thinking in this one-day, hands-on, interactive and entertaining course. Participants can expect to receive hands-on experience in the foundational concepts and ideas of Design Thinking, working on a hypothetical problem space that we prepare in advance. 

Put your hands and minds to work

3 day bootcamp

Ground your team's introduction to Design Thinking with our three day bootcamp. We work with you to identify a meaningful area of focus as input for the bootcamp, contextualising the concepts of Design Thinking with an immediate and actionable relevance for your team. 

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Get out of the building

one week design sprint

Tackle a specific problem that is gripping your team or organisation. Our design sprint methodology is a combination of Google's Design Sprint Methodology, and Tenny Pinheiro's Service Startup approach. Get out of the building, and work towards practically framing and solving a problem for your team or organisation. 

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